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Within this initiative partners from academia and industry in and around the city of Aachen are organized to support, promote and coordinate all space related activities. Since most space missions are complex endeavors and require a multi-disciplinary approach partners from various fields of research are engaged in this group. This includes mechanical and aerospace engineers, electronics and robotics engineers, software specialists, physicists and medical experts. Both major research institutions located in Aachen, the FH and the RWTH can look back on a long, proud and successful history in space related research and continue to deliver excellent contributions to the space community while educating the space researchers and engineers needed for the challenges of tomorrow.  This Homepage provides information on past and ongoing projects and an overview of the involved partners and their core competences. Furthermore, students will find information on the available education opportunities as well as the possibilities to gather hands-on experience by participating in one of the many student groups and projects.

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Numerous projects are conducted and completed by the member institutions of the ASF every year. These projects range from fundamental research for example in the fields of physics and material science to more applied research in the engineering fields of space technologies, electronics and software. Besides collaborations between institutions in and around Aachen, projects are conducted with partners from Germany, Europe and the rest of the world following the multidisciplinary and international character of space research projects.
On this website selected projects are presented which represent the broad variety of research topics covered by ASF member institutions.

The ASF also supports an increasing number of student projects which are a welcome opportunity to complement the theoretical education with practical and hands-on experiences for the students. More information on past and current student projects can be found here

Aachen has one of the highest densities of students among the population of the bigger cities in Germany as nearly every fourth person living here is a student ether at the FH or RWTH.
The RWTH Aachen University has an excellent reputation for the quality its education and regularly places in top positions of university rankings and benchmarks in Germany and worldwide. This is especially the case for all engineering and computer science domains.
The FH Aachen University of Applied Science is one of the biggest and most important universities of applied sciences in Germany. With two dedicated professorships for space technology they offer a specialized course for aerospace engineering with both a bachelor’s and master’s degree.

More information on available courses and lectures can be found here

For more information on the participating partner institutions and organizations please refer to this section. Besides institutes, professors and staff from the FH Aachen University of Applied Science and the RWTH Aachen University we also cooperate with space industry from around Aachen. In this section you will find a short description of the partner institutes including their field of expertise and focus of their research, as well as sources for further information and points of contact.


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